ProTerra Committee

At Applied Medical, we are committed to protecting the earth’s natural resources. One way we achieve this is through our ProTerra Committee, made up of passionate team members from various departments who help develop and establish educational and awareness programs to increase sustainability on campus. Our volunteer committee has created many initiatives, from encouraging the use of reusable coffee mugs and water bottles to reinforcing paper recycling to implementing a pen and battery recycling program. Our volunteer committee also shares sustainability tips with team members and participates in volunteer opportunities that benefit our environment and local communities.

Making a Meaningful Difference

Hundreds of Applied Medical team members participate in global volunteer opportunities every year.

Our Endeavor to Protect the Earth

Team members from more than a dozen departments take part in our global, volunteer ProTerra Committee.

Promoting Sustainability Awareness Campaigns

Team members volunteer as part of the ProTerra Committee's efforts to support and organize awareness campaigns that encourage sustainability, such as picking crops for food pantries, cleaning up state beaches and restoring natural sites.

Encouraging Team Members to Consume Less

Our “Choose to Reuse” campaign encourages team members to consume less disposable waste on campus. One way to do this is through the purchase of a limited edition ProTerra reusable cup. With each purchase, a donation is made to plant a tree.

Organizing Volunteer Opportunities

The ProTerra Committee organizes programs such as Earth Day volunteering to provide team members with opportunities to positively impact our local communities.