Described as "a major twist on standard technology,"REF Kii Advanced Fixation addresses the many issues associated with migrating trocars, while offering additional benefits to the surgeon and patient. The Kii sleeve, with its non-latex, nonfragmenting balloon, provides superior abdominal wall retention compared to other sleeves and ensures minimal penetration of the trocar into the operative field.

The retention disk slides down to maintain the sleeve position in the abdomen, securing the trocar in place and virtually eliminating unintentional displacement or forward migration.

Minimal Depth of Entry, Maximum Visibility

Minimal intrusion of the sleeve tip into the abdomen ensures increased intra-abdominal working space.

Limited penetration of the abdomen facilitates wide-angle visibility for laparoscopes.

Stable Anchoring

The balloon and retention disk maintain stability throughout lengthy procedures, facilitating resumption of laparoscopic surgery after specimen removal.

Tamponade Effect

The retention disk and balloon compress the incision site, potentially reducing port-site bleeding.

Superior Abdominal Wall Retention

The Kii sleeve features a non-latex balloon to secure the trocar in place during instrument exchanges.

The retention disk maintains sleeve position in the abdomen to eliminate unintentional forward migration.

Rapid Desufflation
and Specimen Removal

Simple seal detachment allows for versatility during specimen removal and for rapid desufflation.

The sleeve features a deep funnel entry that enables smooth instrument exchanges.

Trocar Standardization

Our Kii Advanced Fixation line, by providing the benefits of smooth and threaded trocars in one system, allows hospitals to consolidate inventory.


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