The Alexis laparoscopic system with Kii Fios first entry enables a laparoscopic approach before and after specimen retrieval through a wound protector/retractor.

Alexis O Wound Protector/Retractor

Reduces superficial surgical site infection following colorectal surgeries REF

Distributes force evenly, potentially minimizing tissue trauma and pain

Allows visualization of wound margins

Maintains moisture at the incision site REF

Laparoscopic Cap

Enables a laparoscopic approach before and after specimen retrieval

Converts the retracted wound site into an additional working port for a 12mm trocar

Kii Fios First Entry

Enables insufflation with only 3mm penetration into the peritoneum

Offers true non-bladed access and separates, rather than cuts, tissue along natural fiber lines

Concurrent direct visualization and rapid insufflation capability


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