The Alexis orthopaedic protector shields soft tissue, including skin, fat, muscles, and nerves from contact with sharp instrumentation at the wound margins.

While distributing force evenly for optimal exposure to the joint capsule, the Alexis orthopaedic protector enhances the surgeon's visibility in limited working spaces.

The Alexis Orthopaedic protector is available with a rigid retraction ring for maximum retraction or a flexible retraction ring for maximum versatility.

Provides 360° Protection

Protects soft tissue, including skin, fat, muscles, and nerves, from sharp instrumentation and debris

Maintains moisture at the incision site

Provides 360° Atraumatic Retraction

Distributes force evenly for optimal exposure of joint capsule

Reduces the need for additional hand-held retractors

Enhances working space and visibility

Offers Ultimate Versatility

Facilitates rapid and effortless setup

Accommodates a wide range of orthopaedic procedures


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