TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR sales/field implementation team

  • “What I love most about working for a company like Applied Medical is the overall culture; working towards making a meaningful difference is inspiring and motivating! I enjoy being able to bring innovation at an affordable cost to our customer and at the same time know in my heart that we are doing great things for the patient. As a former registered nurse, this is very important to me.”

    MEGAN E. - English Sales Team Member Since 2016

  • “Applied Medical is helping to contribute to better the environment and people’s lives. I get to share my experiences with the right people and grow in a respectful and ethical manner. The more years that go by, the more I realize how important it is for my personal and professional fulfillment to share the same values and be proud of the company I work for.”

    CAROLINE S. - French Sales Team Member Since 2008

  • “The best thing about working at Applied Medical is the portfolio of products which contribute to better patient outcomes. It gives me an opportunity to build good relationships with my customers. Our business model, which contributes to cost savings in healthcare, is a valuable asset and is appreciated by my customers.”

    FRANK L. - Dutch Sales Team Member Since 2014

  • “What I like the most at Applied Medical is that the patient is at the heart of our concerns and our customers feel it. It makes a big difference compared to our competitors. Here you can flourish, surrounded by pleasant and competent team members. I can confidently say, ‘I found my place!’”

    SANDRINE O. - French Sales Team Member Since 2011

  • “At Applied Medical, the exceptional balance between high quality, innovation and price structure as well as the investments in our buildings, production facilities and team member training was enough to convince me to become a part of this fast-growing company. We are a company that’s making a meaningful, positive difference around the world.”

    KRIS M. - Belgian Sales Team Member Since 2010

  • “Applied Medical is unique because we really care about the patient’s outcome and we show it with our constant technological improvements to our product. It is more than a medical device company, Applied Medical gives each one of us the opportunity to improve our personal and professional growth.”

    DAVIDE B. - Italian Sales Team Member Since 2014

  • “To any future team members, I would say that your work at Applied Medical will be really meaningful and the team surrounding you will support and trust you. At Applied, there is a real collaboration between team members and managers, and we all have the same goal of working together to help patients.”

    Isabelle P. - French Sales Team Member Since 2017

  • “After converting hospitals to Applied Medical products, they have not stopped using or asking for our affordable and high-quality medical devices. I can only say positive things about the company. As an Applied Medical team member, it has been very fulfilling to work here.”

    JAN A. - Danish Sales Team Member Since 2013