Applied Medical supports the overall well-being of team members through a variety of health and wellness offerings. In addition to providing health insurance benefits, we promote a healthy lifestyle through company-sponsored programs, ranging from sports activities to lunch-and-learn events.

At our global headquarters in Southern California, team members also enjoy free access to the Applied Fitness Center. This facility is open daily and offers a gym complete with weights, workout equipment, and instructor-led fitness classes.

Sponsoring Company Sports Activities

The company organizes and sponsors many sports activities, from basketball to bowling to table tennis, fostering team member bonding.

Promoting Fitness On-Campus

Team members can take a variety of on-site fitness classes, led by trained instructors, to promote a healthy work/life balance.

Providing Free Flu Shots

No-cost flu shots are offered annually for team members and their families during the flu season to support preventive care.

Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Team members enjoy a variety of affordable, healthy eating options with food made fresh daily by our in-house chefs. Also, in the U.S., team members are able to take part in our free Weight Watchers at Work program to further develop healthy eating habits, stay on track with diet and exercise, and share helpful hints among the group.