Clinical Studies


Ureteral Access Sheath Provides Protection Against Elevated Renal Pressures During Routine Flexible Ureteroscopic Stone Manipulation.

Published: Journal of Endourology. Feb 2004
Authors: Auge BK, Pietrow PK, Lallas CD, Raj GV, Santa-Cruz RW, Preminger GM.
Excerpt: "The ureteral access sheath provides protection to the renal pelvis and reduces the likelihood of retroperitoneal extravasation or pyelolymphatic or pyelovenous backflow by significantly reducing renal pelvic pressures. Moreover, the risk of bladder overdistention is circumvented, as the irrigant is drained externally."
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Ureteral Access Strategies: Pro-Access Sheath

Published: The Urologic Clinics of North America, Feb 2004
Authors: Vanlangendonck R, Landman J.
Excerpt: "Routine use of the ureteral access sheath during flexible ureteroscopic procedures provides consistent, reliable, and unencumbered access to the upper tracts. The ureteral access sheath can be reliably and easily deployed if used properly and requires no special training. As such, it can be easily adopted into current urologic practice."
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Combined Percutaneous and Retrograde Approach to Staghorn Calculi with Application of the Ureteral Access Sheath to Facilitate Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Published: Journal of Urology, Jan 2003
Authors: Landman J, Venkatesh R, Lee DI, Rehman J, Ragab M, Darcy M, Sundaram CP.
Excerpt: "Our preliminary clinical experience using the ureteral access sheath during percutaneous nephrolithotomy for simultaneous antegrade and retrograde stone treatment has been favorable. A large renal stone burden can be successfully managed with a single percutaneous access and limited blood loss."
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Techniques to Maximize Flexible Ureteroscope Longevity

Published: Urology, Nov 2002
Authors: Pietrow PK, Auge BK, Delvecchio FC, Silverstein AD, Weizer AZ, Albala DM, Preminger GM.
Excerpt: "The ureteral access sheath not only reduces stress on the tip of the ureteroscope during advancement of the instrument through the ureteral orifice, but the sheath also allows for repeated simplified insertion and withdrawal of the scope while removing stone fragments from the upper urinary tract. Moreover, potential damage to the working channel of the ureteroscope is obviated by not advancing the instrument over a working guidewire during scope insertion."
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Does a Ureteral Access Sheath Facilitate Ureteroscopy?

Published: The Journal of Urology. March 2001
Authors: Kourambas J, Byrne RR, Preminger GM.
Excerpt: "Routine use of a ureteral access sheath appears to facilitate semirigid and flexible ureteroscopy by decreasing operative time and costs, allowing direct visualization of ureteroscope insertion with simple ureteral re-entry and assisting renal and ureteral access with minimal associated morbidity. A ureteral access sheath should be considered for routine ureteroscopic procedures."
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The Use of Ureteral Access Sheaths and Flexible Ureteroscopy; A Marriage in Heaven?

Published: Journal of Endourology, September 2000
Authors: L. Ajayi., L. Lillas, J. Alan, B. Montgomery, H. Naerger, E. Palfrey
Excerpt: "The APPLIED ureteral access sheath allows safe, rapid access to the kidney allowing a continuous working channel whilst protecting the ureter and flexible ureteroscope."
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