Applied Medical offers a comprehensive line of endourologic accessories to fulfill urologists' needs. These items are available separately or as part of a conveniently packaged Ureteroscopy Set.

UroWIRE 3-in-1 Guidewire

Superior Handling

Super stiff nitinol straightens the anatomy and facilitates instrument passage

Non-slippery, super stiff midsection facilitates instrument passage and reduces the risk of gliding

Scope Protection

Flexible distal end facilitates passage of delicate ureteroscopes, protecting them from damage

Easier Access

Kink-resistant nitinol core

Hydrophilically coated tip navigates tortuous anatomy and obstructed ureters

Sureseal II Endoscopic Valve

Superior Sealing

Accommodates a wide variety of scopes and other instruments from 0-5F without leakage

Enhanced Handling

Allows automatic passage of instruments into working port

Enables one-handed manipulation of scope


Brochure | Sureseal II

Brochure | UroWIRE