Applied Medical offers a comprehensive line of endourologic accessories to fulfill urologists' needs. These items are available separately or as part of a conveniently packaged ureteroscopy set.

Urowire 3-In-1 Guidewire

Superior Handling

The super-stiff midsection facilitates instrument passage.

The nonslippery PTFE coating reduces the risk of the guidewire gliding out of place.

Scope Protection

Flexibility at the distal end facilitates the passage of delicate ureteroscopes, protecting them from damage.

Easy Access

The guidewire's nitinol core is kink-resistant.

The tip, with its hydrophilic coating, easily navigates the urinary tract.

Sureseal II Endoscopic Valve

Superior Sealing

Sureseal valves accommodate instruments up to 5F, including a variety of scopes, without leakage.

Enhanced Handling

Instruments are allowed to pass freely in and out of the working port.

With the valve in place, it's easy to manipulate the scope with one hand.


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