Testimonials From Our Regulatory Affairs & Quality Teams

  • “At Applied Medical, everyone is working towards the same goal of making a quality, cost effective product. It is great to work for a company that truly cares about the growth and lives of their team members and the lives of the people our product directly impacts.”

    Anthony D. - Team Member Since 2013

  • “To have a career that has provided me with so much learning and knowledge, has offered many great opportunities to grow and develop, and has allowed me to contribute to numerous accomplishments is beyond my expectations. Being able to experience all of that and witness a small company grow so large and become so successful has made this a very rewarding career.”

    Patti C. - Team Member Since 2002

  • “From day one, I’ve been supported by leaders who have provided me with the skills and training to help me succeed and love my work environment. But, it is the underlying values of Applied Medical and how serious they are about supporting patients, customers and team members that truly makes this company unique.”

    Mansour A. - Team Member Since 2016

  • “For me, I love that Applied Medical is basically a company that is run by and for engineers, not accountants, investors or bankers. This has driven and supported our tremendous vertical integration efforts as well as the development of new and innovative medical devices. This has also contributed to cutting the cost of healthcare which is a tremendous accomplishment.”

    Kimball M. - Team Member Since 2002

  • “It has been a great honor and privilege for me to work in Quality Control. I have gained so much knowledge by working here. I will always cherish Applied Medical as one of the most satisfying places that I’ve worked at in my career. I would recommend Applied Medical to anyone who is looking for a wonderful place to work.”

    Jason N. - Team Member Since 2006

  • “Applied Medical is different from other employers as they are interested in helping you grow along with the company rather than focusing on just the company’s growth. I would recommend working at Applied Medical as it is the perfect environment to constantly learn and grow, professionally and personally.”

    Katie F. - Team Member Since 2016

  • “Working for Applied Medical has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have learned many new skills and have increased my confidence in a professional environment. It is an enjoyable workplace. In fact, it’s not like coming to ‘work’ at all, but more like spending time with extended family in a supportive environment.”

    Danny R. - Team Member Since 2013

  • “What sets Applied Medical apart from other companies is the wide range of activities, programs, clubs, and benefits offered to its team members, and not to mention its friendly and collaborative culture. I have established a great career here and thanks to the help of my mentors, I have sharpened my skills and gained an indispensable amount of knowledge.”

    Steven P. - Team Member Since 2009

  • “I was referred to Applied Medical by a good friend of mine. What I like most about my job are the challenges and opportunities it has given me to grow as a team leader. I also appreciate how much value my team adds to the overall quality of all our products.”

    George O. - Team Member Since 2010

  • “Applied Medical has made me feel right at home with its great work environment, offering a lot of support and guidance. It’s been very rewarding to know that I’m part of a huge organization that makes a product that will positively impact someone’s life. Applied Medical truly cares and supports all of its team members, as if we are a part of a big family, which are the same values as my own family at home.”

    Fernando P. - Team Member Since 2011

  • “I love being surrounded daily with exceptional team members, unwavering support and caring management, all within a very dynamic environment that constantly promotes and fosters creativity.”

    Eric N. - Team Member Since 1991

  • “I have been working at Applied Medical for more than 20 years and I really enjoy everyone I work with. They are always happy and give their teams a chance to learn new things. The most rewarding aspect of my job is working in such a friendly and positive environment.”

    Somlath K. - Team Member Since 1992